TQM and TCM in Mining Operations

TQM and TCM in Mining Operations
              (TQM = Total Quality Management                TCM = Total Cost Management                MVA = Material Variance Analysis                CVA = Cost Variance Analysis)
This series is aimed at beginners in the profession of mining engineering and excavation. Senior practicing mining professionals may find it stale but may please add on to the discussions for the benefits of all.
The purpose of mining, like any other business, is to earn a profit. So lower the excavation cost, higher is the profit. Different major activities like, Mine Planning and Design , Geology, Survey, , Legal, HR, Procurement, Technical Services, Drilling and Blasting, Production, Maintenance, Explosives, Fleet Management System, Environmental Management, IT,  Material Handling, Waste Rock Dump, Process and Mine water Management, Safety and Risk Management, Incident Reporting network and synergize together prevail a…
Investment in R&D and its Impact on
Explosives for Rock Blasting
Purpose of a business is to earn a profit. Thus, investment for profit is a general concept.
Investments for doing business are made for purchases of land and plant machinery, construction of buildings and storehouses, the establishment of logistics, procurement of input materials and recruitment of manpower. When all these things are put together, business starts happening and profits accrue. With all these things in place, the business now should run like a perpetual machine. But that does not happen. Huge successful business organizations like Ford Motors, Xerox, Sears, Roebuck and Company, Pan American World Airways (Pan Am), Trans World Airlines (TWA), Eastman Kodak Co., more commonly referred to as Kodak (KODK), Pontiac of General Motors Co. (GM), Jordache, Compaq, US Airways, Enron, Woolworth's, Standard Oil vanished from market and also from our minds.
So, there is something, other than these plain investm…
Rambling talk on Air PollutionDr Manoj K Patel +91 8249206647    l

One branch of study that commenced and has remained fashionable in most of the countries is – the branch of environmental sciences. The 80s saw its emerge, surge and bend towards the subject of environmental pollution and its control. Rhetoric, more than actions, have been the cynosure in this area right from its commencement. Non-professionals from all branches ranging from sociology, psychology, chemistry, biology, bio-sciences, safety, and chemical engineering to aeronautical science started writing, preaching, publishing papers in all sorts of journals regarding environmental pollution and remedial measures, practical as well as non-practical. I remember at least one dozen journals emerged in 1980s from the city of Meerut alone inviting articles for publications on environmental aspects. Research articles covering areas of mathematical models and statistical methods covered good amoun…

National Development through Quality Improvement in Indian Context

National Development through Quality Improvement in Indian Context by Dr Manoj K Patel       I       23.11.2018 =====================================================
Nomadic community began its path to industrialization when people in professions of glovers, tailors, fletchers, barber-surgeons, tanners, needle makers, turners, skinners, butchers, bakers and brewers started planned production and maintained inventory for their input materials and finished goods, basically for earning their own livelihood in a systematic and planned manner. Subsequently, craftsmen of identical kind and type started congregating, and they started living and working in the same street or localities for mutual benefits like bringing down hardship, efforts and cost of production for identical produces. This process then thus gave rise to business concepts. This was the first visible phase on growth of civilization and industrialization. Consciously, here in this article we are keeping only the industrial and in…

Live Life Pragmatically _ Life is not a Moral Science Classroom by Gayatri Patel and Manoj K Patel

Life is not a Classroom of Moral Science Learn to live................ if not to prosper
Gayatri Patel and Manoj K Patel

There is a saying, where I read I do not remember, – “there are many people who have succeeded in business without a management degree but there is no one who has succeeded without commonsense”
So this small article is on few of such points that life has taught me during the last 56 years. Yes life is a struggle, but it is worth struggling. But make your life path very clearly defined. Peace is one thing and material possession is another; and believe me this is just not a statement. I will not put any example for the points I have brought up here, but one live example I would like to quote that – I have seen a student of Prof Maria Mayer; the American German Theoretical Physicist and Noble Laureate; who himself is a Theoretical Physicist, is now 80 years old and is an retired Professor from NIT, Rourkela, India is so simple and down to earth that it is difficult to belie…

Why Many Start Ups Fail

When we go to different places a number of business proposals crop of in our mind. If we find a restaurant is very popular and making good business then we tempt to ask ourselves that why not start a restaurant business. If we find a medicine stores is doing roaring business then we feel like starting a medical shop and earn handsomely. TED talks we see and most of us feel like starting a TED talk and get popular. I know some of my friends in software jobs. They saw the lucre and glamour in the software environment and started making their own start ups. Most of them failed miserably, few could afford to come back to jobs but many went bankrupt. They became burdens to their old parents. Many went in to deep depressions never to recover till now.

Staring a new business is an excellent idea. In fact, we read success stories of many entrepreneurs and get motivated to start our own business, but what usually we miss are the failure stories and stories of failed entrepreneurship. To add to…