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Rambling talk on Air PollutionDr Manoj K Patel +91 8249206647    l

One branch of study that commenced and has remained fashionable in most of the countries is – the branch of environmental sciences. The 80s saw its emerge, surge and bend towards the subject of environmental pollution and its control. Rhetoric, more than actions, have been the cynosure in this area right from its commencement. Non-professionals from all branches ranging from sociology, psychology, chemistry, biology, bio-sciences, safety, and chemical engineering to aeronautical science started writing, preaching, publishing papers in all sorts of journals regarding environmental pollution and remedial measures, practical as well as non-practical. I remember at least one dozen journals emerged in 1980s from the city of Meerut alone inviting articles for publications on environmental aspects. Research articles covering areas of mathematical models and statistical methods covered good amoun…