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GPregress :A Computer Model that determines “Sensitivity and Strength” of Commercial Explosives by keeping “Cost in view”
by Dr Manoj K Patel and Gayatri Patel  I   6th August 2018
In this present competitive market, explosives manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to establish “cost competitive strong formulations” for explosives for rock breaking. Ever increasing cost of input materials, man power and machineries are forcing most of the manufacturers to go for cost competitive formulations but at the same time, a formulation can become cost competitive only when cost cutting is done in some areas or other in the internal business process. At the same time it is also imperative to keep the quality un-changed, if not better. So, the trick is to know where to hammer the nail. For example, one has to improve the sensitivity of cap-sensitive explosives. The conventional practice is to make a few laboratory batches, test fire those at different gel temperatures, compile the co…