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Designing of Tailor Made Commercial Explosives Formulations: Part 02: GPeng Model

Gayatri Patel Final Year B Tech Student ITER, Bhubaneswar, INDIA
Dr Manoj K Patel Asst Vice President, Reliance Sasan Power Limitd, Sasan, INDIA
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“Chemicals” and “mixture of chemicals” that are high energetic materials need special attention. This category subsumes – pyrotechnics and explosives (initiating devices included). These categories of materials have their unique thermodynamic properties.
Thermodynamic properties of high energetic materials can be measured both experimentally as well as through theoretical means. Both the methods have got their own advantages and dis-advantages.
Experimental methods are based on very sophisticated equipments and now a days these are available on PLC Control basis. Results can be obtained within a time frame of 30 minutes per sample. But these experimental methods need high end laboratory, expensive equipments and skilled instrumentation engineer to conduct the experiments.…